Uploading Files and Folders

Yes. You can select and upload multiple files. When it comes to your epic, it’s all or nothing.
If you are using a popular song for which you don’t own the rights, YouTube allows you to state so and will place ads on your video. They share the revenue generated from ads with the artists, and life is kosher. However, the same cannot be said about other social-sharing sites. We advise you to choose a track that has a CC-BY license and inform us about the credits so that we can add that at the end of your film. Here are a list of sites to source tracks from. But remember to check out the license details and add the attributions to your film credits. For more information regarding copyrights on Creative Commons licensed soundtracks please refer to these links You can also buy great music tracks from
  1. Right click on the clip file on your device.
  2. Go to properties or get info.
  3. Click on the details tab and check out the length. That is the duration of the clip!
We keep incomplete projects on our servers for a period of 12 days from the time the project has been initiated by you. The files uploaded to incomplete projects are deleted from our servers at the end of the 12 day period. Chances are you ignored the mails we sent. Time, tide and now, server space waits for no gender.
Depends on what needs to be reworked. You can ask us for one rework where we can change captions, music track, delete clips and images. Changes such as adding new clips have an added cost and can be done multiple number of times on payment.
The 1st rework is free as long as there are no addition of new clips. Subsequently the following reworks are free.
  • Change in captions
  • Deletion of clips
There are various reasons why we sometimes need to reject a project. If at times it does not adhere to international laws of what is permissible for broadcast or contains references that may be deemed as offensive the project is likely to be rejected – we like to err on the side of caution.
There may be times when you want your epic to be created in the sequence of how things happened. The Sequence Clips functionality allows you to let our editors know how you want your clips to appear in the final edit. It helps have your epic told in the exact manner it happened. If you don't wish to sequence your clips, the creative folks just go by the sequence of file names.
Each 3 minute video is priced at a minimum of $57 and ₹4366.
Not as of yet, but we will soon be providing this functionality for DropBox and Google Drive.
Yes you can have a combination of pictures & videos. Every image adds to 4 seconds of footage and is therefore calculated that way.


Payments and Billing

As of now we do not have this functionality. Once your payment is through our payment gateway, we will intimate you that the payment has been received.


Cancellations and Refunds

Unfortunately, the work on your project begins on receiving the payment. There is no way to cancel the project once the payment has been made.
EpicMakers triggers the refund request immediately and an intimation is sent to you by mail. However, it takes anywhere between 12 to 15 days for the refunds to be reflected in your bank accounts. The time taken is finally dependant on the payment gateway and your bank.
A Promo Code is a special discount that is given out by select alliance partners to their clients. However, we also launch programs that you can participate in and earn promo codes that you can use on your edit. These programs are mentioned on our site as well as informed to our relevant customers by mail.